Cosmo Bullets - Quickly Picked Apart & Examined To Discover Their Most Powerfully Persuasive Properties - Part 3

From the cover of the June 2015 issue:

  • Feel Calm on Crazy Days in 30 Seconds
Here’s a bullet with a classic “sales” construction. 
It starts with one of the market’s desired benefits (“feel calm”), it qualifies that benefit to make it more impactful (it’s easy to be calm on any old day… but what about “crazy” days?), and it promises a fast, yet believable timeframe for success (“in 30 seconds”).

This formula could be used in any market, as long as all three elements are properly aligned.

Here are a few made-up examples.
  • How to make a reliable ROI, even in a bear market, in as little as 3 months
desired benefit = make a reliable return on investment 
impactful qualification = even in a bear market
fast yet believable timeframe = as little as 3 months
Dog training:
  • Stop your dog from chewing your furniture no matter what age they are in just 15 minutes
desired benefit = stop your dog from chewing furniture 
impactful qualification = no matter what age the dog may be
fast yet believable timeframe = just 15 minutes
  • Guarantee compatibility before you send your first message by using this 5-second validation tactic
desired benefit = guarantee that you’re compatible with your date
impactful qualification = before sending a message to them
fast yet believable timeframe = in 5 seconds
If you’re looking for a good place to start with bullet writing, remember this simple Cosmo Cover bullet formula:

desired benefit + 

impactful qualification + 

fast yet believable timeframe


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