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Hi, I’m Paul Morrison, and I’d like to welcome you to… 




Don’t worry if the name sounds weird to you, I just made it up. 


I don’t mean my name, of course (…my parents made that up). 


I’m talking about “Copyganda.”


It’s like the combination of copywriting and propaganda – because, well, those are two things that really interest me.


And I’m guessing they probably interest you too, seeing as how you’ve stumbled across these here parts of the interweb.


If so, that’s good news.


You probably already realize the practical power that being skilled at copywriting, sales, and persuasion can give you. 


Whether you want to make more money, improve your relationships and friendships, help raise donations for charity, or even just send an effective email – these are the skills that will help make those things happen.


But like most things in life, it’s not always obvious how to improve.


That’s why I’m glad you’re here.


You see, I’m slightly obsessed with all things related to persuasive communication – from copywriting, direct response marketing, advertising, sales, and negotiation to hypnosis, mind control techniques, propaganda, military psyops, and beyond.


To me, it all falls under the category of “Copyganda.”


So I’m collecting insights and lessons from my adventures down the Copyganda garden path, and passing them on to you, every day, in my email newsletter.


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Enter your best email address below to get the...
Copyganda Newsletter