Cosmo Bullets - Quickly Picked Apart & Examined To Discover Their Most Powerfully Persuasive Properties - Part Two


From the cover of the June 2015 issue:

  • Chillax! Things Your Bae Doesn’t Care About In Bed
Sometimes bullets have a headline of their own. In this case, it’s “Chillax!” That’s the hook that gets the reader into the bullet, and wondering what exactly it is they should “chillax” about. 
Now, the bullet would still work without that first word. But it just wouldn’t have the same impact as it does when it is set up with that simple callout phrase that hooks the reader in.
The first word is paid off in the next sentence, a simple bullet that speaks to an insecurity the market might have – wanting to please their partner in bed but not being sure if they are “up to snuff”, so to speak. Rather than pushing on the anxiety – “What Your Bae Secretly Wishes You Would Do in the Bedroom” – instead, it reassures the reader by focusing their imagination on what they shouldn’t or don’t need to worry about – i.e. what their “Bae” doesn’t care about in bed.
Speaking of “Bae”… this bullet uses two words – “chillax” and “bae” – that are taken directly from the market’s lexicon. This is an example of speaking your market’s language by using their speech patterns and phrases. 
If you want to get the attention and interest of any market you make it infinitely harder on yourself if you speak a different language than they do.

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