Facebook Ads Copywriting lessons from the 1840s

0:00 – Intro: the art of using short, two-word headlines to get attention

0:37 – (ad 1) Provoking curiosity by using unexpected or unusual headlines

1:07 – Providing a reason why, presenting the offer, and paying off the headline all in one sentence

1:39 – Recap: how the ad is constructed and how it works

2:05 – (ad 2) 1845 classified ad that uses a two-word headline

2:59 – Why two words work best (in this case) to call out target market and get attention

3:36 – Proof and credibility right off the top

4:29 – How to add social proof & friendly familiarity to get the reader nodding along with your copy

4:45 – A simple PAS (problem, agitation, solution) story example

5:10 – Repetition (even in short ads) and expansion of benefits

5:45 – What these ads do that the others didn’t

5:59 – Using old-school formulas to write ads today

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