4 “Military-Grade” Direct Response Marketing & Persuasion Tactics
Replace “quit smoking” with “build your business.”

1. Provide Clear Reasons Why


Your prospects will never act (buy, subscribe, reply, etc.) without simple, understandable, and motivating reasons why they should. Just like a smoker needs specific reasons that personally apply to them to finally quit, so do your prospects need similar reasons why they should buy from you.


2. Set a “Quit Date” or Deadline


A deadline is one of the most powerful psychological factors when it comes to getting action. Nothing gets done without a deadline – whether it’s quitting a bad habit or making a purchase for a product. Tell people when they need to do it by, and they are more likely to.


3. Replace the “Addiction”


To create long-lasting change you have to address what is already in your prospect’s mind. This is the issue of “positioning.” What position do you hold in your prospect’s mind? Is there something else that already fills that category for them? Can you replace that position (hard to do!) or create a new positioning slot for them to put you into in their mind (easier)?


4. Use Consistent Reminders


No one is likely to change their ingrained habits (especially deeply addictive ones) after being exposed to an alternative just one time. It requires repetition. Give your prospects and customers “something to chew on” consistently. This will ensure they do not stray back to “old habits” — or worse, other competitors. 




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